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Jawbone Development and Breastfeeding

Do you ever wonder about how a face grows? Or how the things we do (or don’t do) can influence the genetic plan that we are born with? Well, we think about it, we study it, we read the research. … Continue reading

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Halloween Candy and Your Teeth

Do you think the reason we use carved pumpkins with crazy looking teeth to represent Halloween is because of the cavities people associate with Halloween candy? Every Halloween my patients and friends are convinced that I’m going to be Scrooge … Continue reading

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What’s So Bad About Mouth Breathing?

Many of us have seen a child (or an adult) who appears to be breathing through their mouth. Think of Napoleon Dynamite, the movie character, with his mouth hanging open, blank look in his eyes and long face. What do … Continue reading

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The Buteyko Breathing Method

Helps Reduce or Eliminate Asthma, Snoring, Sleep Apnea, Anxiety and Panic Attacks This October, Dr. Adams hosted a three day seminar about the Buteyko Breathing Method. The entire team attended, as well as patients and other medical professionals. We didn’t … Continue reading

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Healthy Living: Our Body Responds to How We Think, Feel and Act

The New Year is in full swing! By this time, most people have thrown in the towel on their New Year’s resolutions. Whether your goals were to lose weight, give up junk food, go to the gym, or quit smoking, … Continue reading

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Happy Holidays to You and Your Families!

I never tire of hearing patients tell me how impressed they are by my staff and the positive energy we have at the office. I am so lucky to be surrounded by a team of talented, personable women (and one … Continue reading

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Fluoride Toothpaste Use for Young Children

There is constant concern and debate about whether or not young children should use toothpaste, should it have fluoride and how much should they use.  Parents are generally worried that their child will swallow toothpaste, and therefore, have too much … Continue reading

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PerioProtect®: Advancement in Gum Disease Treatment

Patients who suffer from gingivitis and gum disease are always asking us what else they can do to treat their disease. For years, our answer has always been the same: brush and floss in the hopes that it will make … Continue reading

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Should you replace all your amalgam fillings?

  If you watched a recent episode on Dr. Oz, you would initially think that everyone should race to the dentist and have all their amalgam (silver) fillings removed because of mercury vapors that are released from amalgams.  Sensationalism makes … Continue reading

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