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Dr. Allison Adams Chosen One of New Jersey’s Top Dentists for the Seventh Straight Year by NJ Monthly Magazine

Madison, NJ (June 26, 2016) – Madison dentist, Dr. Allison M. Adams of Adams Dental, has been chosen by NJ Monthly Magazine for the seventh year in a row as one of their Top Dentists of the Year.

The magazine sends surveys to all of the dentists in the state to determine to whom they would choose to treat themselves or refer a family member. This year, the list was comprised of 606 dentists out of the state’s 6,913 New Jersey dentists. Dr. Adams is also one of 20 dentists who is on the Professional Advisory Board for the survey.

“Changing the perception of dentistry requires radical thinking, an exceptional approach to patient care and the desire to look beyond teeth” says Dr. Allison Adams of her practice philosophy.

The new Integrative Dental Center at Adams Dental is an extension of the preventive care that Dr. Adams has been offering patients for 25 years. The focus of the Center is to incorporate big picture thinking and solutions to help patients who have crowded teeth, airway and breathing issues, sleep apnea and oromotor disorders. “Something as common as crowded teeth may have underlying causes like mouth breathing, a tongue tie or large tonsils. What we used to think was the problem (crowded teeth) is just a sign”, says Adams. “By peeling away the layers, we discover and treat the cause.” Dr. Adams, who has spent the last several years in facial growth and airway focused mini-residencies, takes into consideration growth and development in children and works with prevention in mind to develop healthy airways in all patients.

As a member of the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, she is trained in counseling patients with sleep apnea and provides customized appliances to eliminate snoring and sleep apnea. Dr. Adams works with an integrated team of physicians and physical therapists to offer solutions to pain and disease. Sleep apnea patients eliminate their use of CPAP through the office’s myofunctional therapy and Buteyko breathing programs. Dr. Adams, a Dental Advisor to Buteyko Professionals International, says, “Many multidisciplinary organizations confirm that breathing issues affect overall health.”

Also nominated as a Favorite Kids’ Doc for the past 4 years in New Jersey Family magazine, Dr. Adams is attentive to children’s growth and development. Her team recognizes how allergies, asthma, difficulty with speech and enlarged tonsils can influence jaw development and tooth position in children, and work to address it as early as possible in order to make life long health and cosmetic changes.

A general dentist, Dr. Adams and her associate, Dr. Celine Lee, provide comprehensive cosmetic, implant and orthodontic dental care. They utilize advanced diagnostics like 3D imaging, no-drill techniques for small cavities and saliva tests for gum disease and HPV risk. This UMDNJ graduate, a seven time New Jersey Monthly Top Dentist, credits her remarkable team’s commitment to excellence, integrity, teamwork, positivity and service to others. “Patients leave our office knowing we have listened to them and their concerns are our priority.”

To learn more about Adams Dental, visit www.adamsdentalnj.com.