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Dr. Allison Adams of Adams Dental Completes One Year, Mini-residency with the ALF Educational Institute

MADISON, NJ (August 15, 2016) – Dr. Allison Adams of Adams Dental has completed aDr. Adams and Dr. Bronson one year, mini-residency with the ALF Educational Institute.  Dr. Adams joined an international group of dentists, osteopathic physicians and myofunctional therapists for over 90 hours of continuing education during which patient cases were studied and reviewed.

The AEI was founded promote the knowledge of whole body health through the understanding of how the oral complex, complete airway system, and hard and soft tissues of the head, neck, and body are related to the etiology of crooked teeth and disease of the airway.

Dr.  Adams supports the AEI’s belief that treatment should begin as early as possible, so that there are fewer long term deleterious effects from the abnormal growth patterns associated with crooked baby teeth and their influences on soft tissue and associated sleep disorder breathing.

The AEI instructs graduates in the identification of early growth disruption, the causes of those changes and the use of the ALF appliance to enhance growth guidance.

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