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The ALF Approach

If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration

– Nicola Tesla

The goal of health should be about eliminating obstacles and providing the environment for healing. 

Foundation of ALF Therapy

The ALF appliance, designed magnificently by Dr. Darick Nordstrom with osteopathic guiding principles, works with the body to facilitate motion, leading to growth, healing and ease.

According to Dr. Nordstrom, “the foundation of ALF therapy is built on the principles of nature:

· The creation of familiar sensations and gentle, repetitive and rhythmic forces create harmony between light forces and human physiology.

· Dental expansion and neurologic benefits are the result of working with Mother Nature at our side.”

Source: ALF InterFACE Academy. ALF therapy: Why compromise when ALF therapy can optimize? http://alftherapy.com/why. Accessed February 12, 2023.

The ALF works in concert with, not against, the body. The thin flexible wire, although sometimes considered by others to not be strong enough, is actually the perfect compliment to the body. It doesn’t overwhelm with strong force, and instead, uses continuous, light, gentle input that encourages motion in the skull to naturally stimulate jaw growth, develop adequate airway space, and provides cranial motion.

What makes the ALF work?

To encourage growth, appliances should mimic the forces we find in normal growth and development. The ALF is made of a special metal that generates gentle constant forces and transmits that force through the teeth to the underlying bone. The ALF encourages the tongue to sit in the roof of the mouth to stimulate upper jaw development, while promoting lip seal and nasal breathing.

Because the ALF is lightweight, resonant and flexible, it allows communication without distraction.  The body only has to pay attention to the ALF and not be confused by thick and bulky plastics or heavy wires.

How is it different?

Often orthodontic expanders are bulky and stiff, and do not allow motion or vibration. They have forces that are not easily tolerated by the body. They often cover the roof of the mouth, preventing the tongue from resting on the palate.

In contrast, the ALF is a delicate wire that rests behind the teeth along the gumline, providing input, without interference. Its small size allows the tongue freedom and space to rest on the roof of the mouth with ease. If the tongue is can’t reach the palate (perhaps due to a tongue tie, tight fascia, or a weak tongue), the ALF neurologically mimics the tongue.

Why is tongue on the roof of the mouth so important?

The presence of the tongue on the palate leads to:

· Expansion – the ALF orthopedically widens the upper jaw and creates more space for the eruption of the permanent teeth. The equal forces of the tongue, in concert with the ALF, create development of the roof of the mouth, floor of the nose and the airway.

· Cranial motion – this is an osteopathic term that refers to the gentle movement of the bones of the skull. With cranial motion we see movement of cerebrospinal fluid, toxin removal from brain, pumping the pituitary gland and draining of the eustachian tubes.

· Neurointegration – we all have natural reflexes that appear and integrate. Sometimes with trauma, injury, or difficult birth, we may find a reflex has not integrated. The swallowing reflex is frequently not fully integrated, and the ALF provides neurological input to aid an appropriately integrated swallow.

Energy and the ALF

Our energy has to go to life sustaining activity, things like breathing and sleep. If there is extra energy, it will go to repair injury, and only after that, will enough energy be available for growth and development.

Many of us have experienced challenges to our systems that drain energy, leaving very little left for repair and growth. Doesn’t it make sense to utilize an appliance like the ALF that works with nature, not against it? Instead of fighting against the body, the ALF supports and encourages the body to heal and grow.


Our practice believes the ALF approach should assess the whole person, not just their teeth. It is not uncommon for us to recommend additional providers as we work to heal our patients. We commonly collaborate with osteopathic physicians, ENTs, sleep physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, lactation consultants, and speech, physical, occupation and feeding therapists.

Contact our Patient Care Coordinator in Madison, NJ, if you have any questions about your dental health.

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