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Safe, effective, and minimally invasive

Revolutionize your dental care with laser dentistry

At Adams Dental, we believe that prevention is a superior strategy to repair, and that technology is valuable as a supplement to conversation and collaboration. We offer comprehensive laser dental care to complement your treatment, address your unique needs, and achieve incredible results.

Why laser dentistry?

Our Madison laser dentistry experts use laser technology to treat a variety of concerns:

TMJ Pain and Headaches

Tooth Sensitivity

Gum Disease

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Tongue Ties & Frenectomies


Reduced Pain

Laser dentistry is known for being a virtually painless alternative to traditional dental treatments. No cutting or drilling, and often no anesthesia.

Precise Treatment

Laser technology allows us to target only the affected area without damaging surrounding tissues, resulting in better outcomes.

Faster Healing

The precision and minimally invasive nature of laser dentistry lead to quicker treatment, less bleeding and swelling, and minimal healing times.

Improved Health

Laser dentistry is an incredible tool for reducing the risk of infection, promoting better gum health, and addressing a wide range of concerns more effectively.

Comprehensive laser technology available at Adams Dental

LightScalpel Frenectomy

The doctors at Adams Dental are specially trained to use the LightScalpel CO2 laser for tongue and lip tie releases on infants, children, and adults. Patients appreciate the safety, efficiency, and predictability of lasers for this procedure.


NightLase™ treatment helps reduce snoring and sleep-disordered breathing by non-surgically opening the airway, reducing its collapsibility, and or retraining the musculature. This technique uses gentle laser energy to rejuvenate soft tissues of the airway causing a tightening effect to keep the airway open.

TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment

A comprehensive and minimally invasive periodontal therapy. This approach creates the optimal conditions for healing periodontal tissues. What’s more, TwinLight® Periodontal Treatment reduces infection and promotes a decrease in pocket depths.


Interested in fuller lips without the use of injectable fillers? LipLase™ is an exciting treatment that rejuvenates, plumps, and defines the shape of your lips using gentle laser energy.
  • Immediate results
  • No needles, no downtime
  • Safe and non-invasive
  • Stimulates collagen remodeling
We recommend beginning with 3 sessions over about 2 months for the best results.


OraLase™ is an FDA-approved laser-assisted procedure developed for patients ages 2 and older. The primary goals of this therapy include pain reduction, inflammation reduction, and increased blood flow. Powerful secondary benefits include the release of trauma and improved ability to process the changes needed to support recovery.


This amazing, non-surgical technique softens tight tissues to improve nursing and guide babies and toddlers to better function. This gentle and safe laser technology helps to:

  • Optimize the function and tone of the oral and facial muscles
  • Stretch tight/dense fascia
  • Regulate/calm an over-responsive nervous system

Happy Stories, Beautiful Smiles

“Adams Dental is wonderful. They have a clean and professional office and great customer service. They also don’t mind people who are nervous around needles and they patiently explain everything. Something else they are good at is making scary or confusing topics easy to understand and handle. Moreover, they have great bedside manners. I would definitely head back for another check-up.”

— Kameron R.

“Dr. Adams is so personable and positive and just makes me feel like I matter. What’s even greater about her and her staff is they really prioritize making me feel safe. I suffer from a post-traumatic stress disorder and going to the dentist was one of my biggest obstacles. I would get flashbacks and panic attacks all the time. I haven’t experienced that since switching to Adams Dental. I truly believe Dr. Adams is a trauma-informed dentist. She makes me feel safe, she makes sure I feel I have control over the situation, she talks through everything she is doing, and she is really present with you and listens.”

— Maddy Z. 

“I love going to Adams Dental! I always have a positive experience with the professionals and staff. After many years of experiencing fear about going to the dentist, I am now a true believer. The wonderful people at Adams Dental have accomplished the impossible – I now LOVE going to the dentist!”

— Georgeanne L. 

What to expect during your visit

  • On-Time and Unrushed Attention
  • Compassionate, Comfortable Environment
  • Comprehensive Exam & Diagnosis
  • Customized Treatment Plan


Laser dentistry is an incredible technology, and we want you to feel confident in your decisions to undergo treatment. Our team is here to make sure you have all the information you need to make the best decisions for your health and life. Please reach out with any questions about laser dentistry or explore our curated library of recommended dental products and resources.

Investing in your health and happiness

Adams Dental is a fee-for-service practice, so it’s no problem if you don’t have insurance. Our out-of-network policy allows us to provide you with personalized care that’s never dictated by insurance.

For those with insurance, our team is happy to complete and submit dental and medical insurance claims on your behalf. Payment options also include CareCredit financing and treatment schedules to fit your budget.

Questions? Call us at (973) 377-6500.

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