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Madison, NJ Dentists, Adams and McCaffery, Merge Practices

Dr. Lee, Dr. Adams, Dr. McCaffery - Adams DentalMadison, NJ (September 5, 2017) – Dedication to overall patient health, passion for the art and science of dentistry and a commitment to continuing education was always the common thread that connected Dr.  Allison Adams and Dr. Mark McCaffery. After over a decade of collaboration on patient care in their separate Madison offices, they have merged their practices with the goal of improving outcomes and offering new opportunities to their patients.

Dr. McCaffery has relocated his Main Street practice of 38 years to Adams Dental on Kings Road. The doctors have been co-treating patients for years and believe their approach has simplified their patient’s care. The pair believe that their common goals on the how and why regarding the delivery of dental care is what influenced their decision to merge their practices.

Dr. McCaffery states, “The health of every person is really an expression of how they feel about themselves. We listen attentively and establish appropriate goals for each individual we have the privilege to treat.  We share an appreciation for people that energizes our treatment efforts.” Dr. McCaffery and Dr. Adams report their core belief is that their work with patients positively impacts the human spirit.

Dr. Adams, excited at the prospect of working closely with Dr. McCaffery, reports that “he is the colleague I have on speed dial when I am reviewing a challenging case.  He brings over 38 years of restorative, implant and surgical dental experience and I believe his clinical strength is approaching a complex case with an organized plan”.

Focusing on the undeniable link between oral and systemic health, the pair target more than just infection and inflammation. The newly opened Integrative Dental Center at Adams Dental incorporates whole body solutions, addressing the importance of sleep and how appropriate breathing directs the ability to sustain health from childhood through the elder years. Dr. Adams reports, “Many of the differences seen in children’s learning abilities, behavior attitudes and self-image are directly influenced by their quality of breathing and the metabolic miracles that occur while they sleep”.

Dr. McCaffery reveals, “science is just beginning to unravel the influence that the life-sustaining activities of sleep and breathing have on chronic ailments that plague us as we age” Adams and McCaffery are at the forefront of airway health; identifying and intervening when appropriate, with the belief that the body has an inherent ability to heal itself.